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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Russia flexes military muscle as tensions rise in Ukraine's Crimea region

Watch this videoKiev, Ukraine (CNN) -- Russia ordered surprise military exercises on Ukraine's doorstep Wednesday as tensions in that country's southern Crimea region simmered, with pro-Russian demonstrators facing off against rival protesters in the city of Simferopol.

As the mood soured among the thousands rallying in front of the Crimean parliament building in Simferopol, some scuffles broke out.
One group waved Ukrainian flags and shouted "Crimea is not Russia," while the other held Russian flags aloft and shouted "Crimea is Russia," images broadcast by Crimean TV channel ATR showed. As the crowd became more agitated, a line of police moved in to divide the groups.
Local leaders sought to calm the mood, urging the protesters to go home and resist provocations.
Map of Crimea
Map of Crimea
 Ukraine's piano man Ukrainian politics remain in flux
One man died around the time of the protests in front of parliament, the Crimean Ministry of Health said on its website. The man had no visible signs of injury, and early indications point to a heart attack, it said. Seven people sought medical help.
The demonstrations signal the broad divide between those who support what is going on in Kiev, where the new government is leaning toward the West, and those who back Russia's continued influence in Crimea and across Ukraine.
Russia's foreign minister has vowed not to intervene militarily in Ukraine.
But with tensions in the region high, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered surprise military exercises.
The exercises are "to check combat readiness of armed forces in western and central military districts as well as several branches of the armed forces," Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu was quoted as saying by state media.
Shoigu did not mention Ukraine, which lies to Russia's west, but the timing of the move has prompted speculation about the motivation.
Ukraine's Ministry of Defense declined to comment on the exercises since they are on Russian territory.
Russia held at least six snap combat readiness checks of its armed forces last year, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency said.
'Rumors' fuel fears of split
Concerns were heightened in the Crimea region when the Crimean parliament convened a previously unscheduled session Wednesday, amid local media reports that secession might be on the agenda.
But the parliament speaker, Volodimir Konstantinov, denied there were plans to discuss "radical issues" such as the separation of Russia-oriented Crimea from Ukraine.
In a statement on the parliament website, he dismissed the local media reports as "rumors," saying they were "a provocation aimed at discrediting and de-legitimizing the Crimean parliament."
He also urged the Crimean people to remain calm and not be provoked, the statement said.
 Strategic city fears Ukrainian uprising What's in store for Ukraine's future? 'They are killing us': Scenes from Kiev
In the nearby port city of Sevastopol, where about 60% of the population is Russian and Moscow has a key naval base, residents told CNN they were angry that President Viktor Yanukovych has been forced out and fear that they will be oppressed by the country's new leaders.
Small pro-Russian protests were taking place in the Black Sea city Wednesday.
A CNN team in the area encountered more than one pro-Russian militia checkpoint on the road from Sevastopol to Simferopol.
Yanukovych's base of support is in eastern and southern Ukraine, where Russian culture and language predominate. In that region, most people are suspicious of the Europe-leaning views of their counterparts in western Ukraine, who were at the heart of the anti-government protests that filled central Kiev.
Many are struggling to get to grips with the rapid political upheaval that has unfolded in Ukraine in recent days, after months of protests and last week's bloody clashes between protesters and security forces.
Russia's Foreign Ministry has accused Ukraine's lawmakers of discriminating against ethnic Russians by excluding them from the reform process.
Talks on new government
The tensions come as Ukraine's lawmakers scramble to put together a new unity government amid continued instability after Yanukovych's ouster.
Vasil Gatsko, of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms (UDAR) party, said the three main opposition parties and smaller parties would meet Wednesday to discuss proposed members of the new government.
Once the parties agree, they will take a list of proposed new government members to Kiev's Independence Square, or Maidan -- which has been at the heart of the protest movement -- for approval from the crowds gathered there.
Then the newly formed government will be officially voted in in Ukraine's parliament Thursday morning, Gatsko said. The interim authorities had initially hoped to announce a new government Tuesday.
The lawmakers face the challenge of forming a body that genuinely represents of all the main political parties, despite their widely divergent views, and includes technical experts and some of the people's heroes from the protests in Independence Square.
Presidential and local elections are due to be held on May 25.
One candidate has already been announced. Opposition leader and former heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko, of the UDAR party, will run for the presidency, his press secretary Oksana Zinovyeva said.
'We were trapped': Eyewitness to the massacre in Kiev
Elite riot police disbanded
Earlier Wednesday, acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced that a riot police force used against anti-government protesters in Ukraine had been disbanded.
Demonstrators accused the elite Berkut force, deployed by the government of Yanukovych to quell recent protests, of using excessive force.
Avakov said on his Facebook page that he'd signed the order disbanding the force Tuesday.
But the new, pro-Russian mayor of Sevastopol said Tuesday night at a rally in the city that he had secured funding to keep paying Berkut riot police there even after the force was disbanded.
The mayor, Alexej Chaliy, was elected in an unofficial local vote, but the interim authorities in Kiev have said he is not a legitimate leader.
Last week, the bloody street clashes between demonstrators and security forces left more than 80 dead, the deadliest violence in the country since it gained independence when the Soviet Union collapsed 22 years ago.
Russia, which backed Yanukovych, contends that the President was driven out by an "armed mutiny" of extremists and terrorists. A warrant has been issued for his arrest, but his whereabouts remain unknown.
Diplomatic moves
While Yanukovych is on the run, the diplomatic wheels have been set in motion within the international community.
One key concern is Ukraine's perilous financial position.
Interim Finance Minister Yury Kolobov proposed Monday that an international donor conference be held within two weeks. Ukraine, he said, will need $35 billion in foreign assistance by the end of 2015.
Russia had offered Ukraine a $15 billion loan and cut in natural gas prices in November, but that deal seems unlikely to remain on the table if Ukraine turns toward Europe.
UK Foreign Secretary William Hague tweeted Wednesday: "Will discuss international financial support for #Ukraine at the IMF in Washington DC today."
Ukrainian state news agency Ukrinform said the country has slashed its imports of natural gas from Russia in recent days.
Speaking in Washington on Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said officials were "deeply engaged in trying to help this extraordinary transition that is taking place in Ukraine."
In a joint news conference with British Foreign Secretary William Hague, Kerry said that Ukraine's alliances should not necessarily determine what happens to its people -- and that it was not a "zero sum" game.
"It is not a Russia or the United States or other choices," he said. "This is about people of Ukraine and Ukrainians making their choice about their future. And we want to work with Russia, with other countries, with everybody available to make sure this is peaceful from this day forward."
Yanukovych's decision to scrap a European Union trade deal in favor of one with Russia prompted the protests, which began in November.

Source : CNN.COM

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

UNICEF : Zionis Perlakukan Buruk Tahanan Anak Palestina

D3 Perbankan Syariah. Kali ini Admin akan memberikan Berita mengenai Palestina. Dimana Negara tersebut sangat membutuhkan dukungan baik moril maupun psikis dari kita. Semangat Nasionalisme rakyat Palestina sangat besar sekali untuk mempertahankan Negera mereka. Cara apapun mereka lakukan, bahkan nyawa sekalipun akan mereka pertaruhkan untuk mempertahankannya.
Namun, yang lebih tragis lagi adalah Perlakuan Zionis yang Buruk terhadap Tahanan Anak Palestina. Padahal Anak-Anak Palestina tidak berdosa, mengapa mereka harus jadi korban para Bangsa Zionis tersebut.

Untuk Info selengkapnya, silahkan baca disini :

Anak-anak Palestina yang ditahan tentara Zionis Israel, menjadi sasaran penganiayaan tertata dan meluas, yang melanggar hukum antarbangsa, kata laporan UNICEF pada Rabu (6/3/2013).

UNICEF memperkirakan 700 anak-anak Palestina berusia 12--17, sebagian besar laki-laki, ditangkap, diperiksa, dan ditahan tentara, polisi, dan badan keamanan Israel setiap tahun di wilayah pendudukan Tepi Barat.

UNICEF menyatakan mengetahui beberapa contoh perlakuan kejam, tak manusiawi atau merendahkan, sesuai dengan Konvensi Hak Anak-anak dan Konvensi Menentang Penyiksaan.

Kementerian Luar Negeri dan tentara Israel menolak langsung menanggapi temuan tersebut.

Menurut laporan itu, perlakuan buruk terhadap anak di bawah umur Palestina biasa dimulai dengan penangkapan. Sering dilakukan pada tengah malam oleh tentara bersenjata berat, dan berlanjut ke penuntutan dan hukuman.

"Pola perlakuan buruk itu termasuk menutup mata anak-anak dan mengikat tangan mereka dengan plastik, serta pukulan dan hardikan selama perjalanan ke tempat pemeriksaan, termasuk penggunaan pengekangan menyakitkan," kata laporan itu.

Dikatakannya, anak-anak, sebagian besar ditangkap karena melemparkan batu, mengalami kekerasan dan ancaman selama diperiksa, dipaksa mengaku dan tidak memiliki jalan langsung ke pengacara atau keluarga selama pemeriksaan.

"Perlakuan tidak sesuai dengan hak anak-anak berlanjut selama pengadilan, termasuk membelenggu anak-anak, menolak jaminan dan mengenakan hukuman penjara dan mengirim anak-anak ke luar wilayah pendudukan Palestina untuk menjalani hukuman di wilayah Israel," kata laporan itu.

Ulah tersebut tampak meluas, tertata dan terlembaga, tambahnya.

UNICEF mendasarkan temuan itu pada lebih dari 400 perkara terekam sejak 2009 serta naskah hukum, laporan kelompok pemerintah dan swadaya masyarakat, dan wawancara dengan anak-anak Palestina serta pejabat Israel dan Palestina serta pengacara.

Laporan itu menyatakan, Israel membuat beberapa "perubahan baik" dalam beberapa tahun belakangan dalam memperlakukan anak-anak Palestina, termasuk aturan baru mengikat tangan untuk mencegah rasa sakit dan cedera.

Ia juga mencatat perbaikan tatanan tentara dalam 2010, yang mewajibkan polisi Israel memberitahu orangtua tentang penangkapan anak-anak mereka dan memberitahu anak-anak bahwa mereka memiliki hak berembuk dengan pengacara, demikian Reuters.

Sumber : Hidayatullah.com
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Friday, 28 September 2012

Saudi Arabia Berpotensi Menyalip Malaysia Sebagai Penerbit Sukuk Global Terbesar dalam Waktu Dekat

Kerajaan Saudi Arabia adalah pasar terbesar di GCC saat ini dengan pertumbuhan tahunan rata-rata 3,2% yang diperkirakan antara tahun 2011 dan 2015 booming ekonomi ditetapkan sebesar 4,2%. Untuk sektor perbankan saja, Arab Saudi memiliki proporsi tertinggi di dunia dari aset perbankan syariah terhadap total aset perbankan melebihi 20%, karena semua bank disana memiliki operasional yang sesuai dengan prinsip syariah , mulai dari yang sepenuhnya bank syariah sampai yang baru membuka jendela bank syariah. Sektor perbankan Saudi Arabia saat ini terdiri 22 bank komersial, termasuk 12 bank lokal dan sepuluh cabang Teluk dan bank asing. Dari 12 bank lokal, ada empat bank (Al-Rajhi, Al-Jazira, Al-Bilad dan Al Inma Bank) yang sudah menjadi Bank Umum Syariah.
Dengan potensi besar di bidang-bidang seperti Real Estate, Private Equity, Infrastruktur dan Pembiayaan Proyek dan Modal Pertumbuhan pasar melalui penerbitan Sukuk, investasi prospek Kerajaan Saudi Arabia untuk keuangan Islam sangat positif. Pertumbuhan penduduk Arab Saudi telah jauh melampaui pembangunan infrastruktur di Inggris di berbagai sektor, baik itu air, listrik, transportasi, pelabuhan, infrastruktur ringan dan sosial seperti kesehatan dan pendidikan. Dari sudut pandang hukum, dibandingkan dengan lima anggota lainnya GCC Arab Saudi mungkin yang paling terbuka untuk investasi asing, karena ada peraturan yang telah direvisi oleh Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority dan Modal Otoritas Pasar untuk membuka pasar dan mendorong investasi asing dan bakat ke dalam negara.
Selama lima tahun terakhir, pergeseran paradigma telah terjadi dalam rezim Saudi sekuritas, dan pertumbuhan yang cepat dari Syariah compliant sekuritas telah menempatkan Arab Saudi bersama Malaysia dan UEA di garis depan pasar Sukuk global. Dari kurang lengkapnya penerbitan pada tahun 2004, Arab Saudi diadakan 3% dari pasar pada tahun 2006, dan menyumbang 11% dari semua emisi Sukuk global 2007. Pemain industri yakin posisi bullish Arab Saudi di pasar ini, dan memiliki harapan tinggi bahwa Saudi Arabia berpotensi menyalip Malaysia sebagai penerbit Sukuk global terbesar dalam waktu dekat karena berasal dari penerbitan surat berharga Negara. Hanya tahun lalu, penerbitan Sukuk di Arab Saudi mencapai US $ 2,3 miliar - dibandingkan dengan US $ 7,3 miliar di Malaysia, dan diharapkan akan menjadi semakin didorong oleh keinginan untuk penerbitan obligasi syariah oleh pemain nasional besar seperti Saudi Electricity and the Saudi International Petrochemical Company yang terus tumbuh.
Dalam hal pembiayaan Islamic Real Estate, pelaku industri yakin potensi pasar di Kerajaan Saudi Arabia berdasarkan lingkungannya sangat likuid serta meningkatnya permintaan dari investor ritel dan institusional untuk harta berwujud dan diversifikasi investasi. Pada tahun 2010, Arab Saudi Sumou Holding dan Manajemen Encore yang berbasis di Jenewa meluncurkan Investasi Real Estat Islam pertama untuk Kerajaan Arab Saudi senilai US $ 260 miliar tahun dari proyek real estate di Kerajaan, yang mencakup US $ 82 miliar pengeluaran pemerintah berencana untuk mendanai pembangunan rumah untuk warga negara Saudi. Persetujuan terbaru hukum hipotek Saudi Arabia pada real estate yang ditunggu-tunggu ini juga diharapkan dapat meningkatkan permintaan untuk rumah oleh 55.000 unit diperkirakan tambahan per tahun, memberikan peluang baru untuk pembiayaan syariah di sektor ini.
Apa yang paling dibutuhkan di Saudi sekarang untuk menciptakan dorongan kemajuan keuangan Islam adalah pengembangan yang tepat dari sisi pasar modal, melalui penciptaan pasar Sukuk lokal di riyal harus tersedia bagi perusahaan-perusahaan Arab Saudi untuk memungkinkan mereka untuk memasuki basis investor lokal dan mengumpulkan uang melalui Sukuk, dan secara bertahap pindah dari pinjaman bank. Asset asing kerajaan, likuiditas tinggi, ekonomi yang kuat, dan posisi penting di pusat dunia Islam memberikan segala pengaruh yang perlu dikembangkan menjadi pusat keuangan Islam. Dengan perkembangan infrastruktur dan peraturan yang tepat, Kerajaan Saudi Arabia sepertinya diatur untuk menjadi kekuatan yang harus diperhitungkan di pasar keuangan Islam global.

Sumber : http://www.redmoneyevents.com/2012/2012_IFNforum_SA.asp
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